Wellness Consultant.
Digital Nomad.


In 2016 my life changed and I embraced my freedom and flexibility

In 2008 an injury ended my dance career. A car accident left me with a hip flexor injury that wouldn’t heal for two years. I was desperate for a solution.

In 2009 I found a nutrition program that helped me heal. What I had been taught as a personal trainer was NOT working. This program changed how I cared for my body and how I coached my clients.

Then I started sharing the program with as many people as I could. It quickly became a passion because it was so impactful for people, addressing so many health concerns.

I continued to build this side business while teaching fitness classes. I love inspiring people in the gym, but it takes a physical toll, and the schedule became a burden. I craved more flexibility.

Then, in 2016, I watched someone I love work relentlessly until the day he died at age 38. One month before, he’d gone on a retreat and written a plan for reprioritizing his life to include more time for friends and family. He never got to implement the plan.

This inspired a shift in me. I decided to grab this life and create the lifestyle I have always desired NOW! Travel had always been a passion, but I’d felt strapped by my life in San Francisco and always trying to keep my head above water.

On a sabbatical in 2017, I made the decision to take my business on the road and become a digital nomad. Through that, I met some inspiring people who were making a living while exploring the world, and it struck me that now was the time for me to do that as well.

A few months later I quit my fitness jobs, put my stuff in storage and hit the road! When I let go of my apartment I felt free and strangely comfortable being “unsettled.”

I have been building my business remotely from Croatia, South Africa, Vietnam, Cambodia and counting. Slow travel allows me to stay in a place for a month or longer and really get to LIVE in different cultures and create relationships all over the world.

Now my passion is to share my side hustle with people who are ready to start living their best lives. When you have something special, and potentially life changing, it becomes a responsibility to share and to serve others who are willing to move past fear and create a life by design.

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